My Experience

I have been involved in the real estate industry for nearly 40 years and first started my selling career in the northern areas of Sydney where after a short time I became a partner in two offices of a major real estate franchisee.

In the late 70’s we made a decision to move from Sydney and after some searching found and fell in love with Port Stephens where I commenced as a real estate salesman and then eventually became the licensee in charge of the Nelson Bay branch of K D Winning Real Estate the largest agency in the area.

In the late 90’s I retired from my real estate career for a couple of years but was lured back by the concept I have had for many years which was to operate an agency that only serviced a limited number of vendors so that the service they received would be second to none. Over many years I had seen most agencies put their emphasis on obtaining listings where it should have been on providing service and it was not uncommon for a salesperson to have 40 plus listings whereas I will only handle a maximum 10 vendors at one time. So I started my own agency based on this principle, well what a success it has been and over the past 7 years this concept has appealed to a niche area of the market and provided me with the most enjoyable time in my real estate career.

My Business Philosophy

In my initial years in the industry I was fortunate enough to be trained and mentored by a wise and principled man who told me that if I worked by one ideal everything else would take care of its self, that ideal was

At all times, even if your vendor is a difficult person, work in your vendors best interest.

By doing that you will have the appreciation of your vendors and the respect of the purchasers. What I have seen over these many years is a large number of agents who look after their own interests first, the purchasers’ interests second and the person who pays them third.

As I said to my wife the approach that I use means that whenever we walk down the street and see people coming towards us we will never have to cross to the other side.

My Business Philosophy

Latest Market Report

THE SALES MARKET  Spring 2016.

As we all emerge from winter into the spring selling season we look back at what has been happening over the past few years and what does the crystal ball tell us looking into the future.

After the market bottomed out in late 2012 early 2013 saw the market conditions improving but that improvement was minimal as agents worked their way through a stock backlog, however in 2014 we saw a modest increase in prices, depending on the factors affecting each individual property, and while those increases were welcome they certainly did not reflect what had been happening to prices in certain areas of the Sydney market.

2015 saw the market remain excellent but the mid- year RBA intervention with restrictions on bank loans to investors started to bite which saw the price increases levelling out in the late spring of 2015 but these increases had still not been good enough for most people who purchased in the ’03-’04 and ’07-’08 booms to reach the levels that they had paid then.

A lack of stock caused by a good 2015 has seen the 2016 market remain solid with modest price increases still occurring in some market segments.

As I give the crystal ball one last polish let’s look at the future. In my experience a booming real estate market is based on confidence, some of the biggest booms I have seen in over 35 years in the real estate industry have been when interest rates were through the roof BUT confidence was high. The current economic indicators coming out of Canberra seem to indicate that Australia is in for a bumpy ride. My suggestion for those of you who are contemplating selling your property is to take advantage of current conditions as 2017 may not be as good as 2015-16.

If you would like me to do a fee free current market appraisal of your property please contact me on 0419017251.